34 years of integrating Christianity and psychology


Spiritual, Psychological, and Relational Mastery for Christians


God’s desire for every believer is that we become a vibrant work of art (Ephesians 2:10). Our part in this work is to acquire a growing mastery in the craft of living as given to us in Scripture. 

As active participants, our responsibility is to learn to walk with Him, to make peace with ourself, to engage successfully in meaningful relationships, and to model what it means to be light in a dark world. 


If you’re struggling to fully step into the life God has for you, let us help you find the way forward

A common misconception is that just because we’re followers of Christ, we should automatically know how to live well.

But we need to realize there’s a vast difference between birth and growth — between you must be born again and grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord (John 3:7, 2 Peter 1:2).

The beauty here is that we are co-workers with God as He systematically transforms us into a masterpiece of His making. Our charge in this process is to become skilled at the craft of living by knowing, understanding, and applying the principles of His Word. 

Our focus at GRO is helping you become skilled at the craft of living — 

the greatest craft there is . . . 

. . . by seamlessly integrating timeless biblical truths with sound psychological processes to establish, build, and support your spiritual and psychological growth and maturity. 

To that end, we’d like to share our Free Pocket Guide…

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We all know how “normal” it is to worry. In fact, most people believe that to worry is to be human because, after all, there are so many things in life to worry about!

But the more we pass worry off as “normal” the more we put up with it… and the more habitual it becomes.

Our Creator equipped us with three amazing gifts that are essential in beating worry, as well as almost every other battle we face in life.

Our goal with this GRO Pocket Guide is to help you not only rediscover these gifts you’ve been given but also to show you how you can immediately put them to use to dismantle worry and remove its power over you!

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