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Psychological, Relational, & Spiritual Mastery for Christians & Seekers 


And a crucial part of that quest is knowing how to overcome obstacles.

Obstacles like emotional baggage, a negative mindset, problematic relationships, or career drudgery.

In short … those hitches in life that can undermine real happiness.

If you’re struggling to fully step into the life God has for you, let us help you find the way forward

Our focus at GRO is helping you become skilled at the craft of living
the greatest craft there is

To that end, our courses and trainings primarily focus on the psychological aspects of our humanity.

And yet … everything we do is in harmony with the spiritual dimension of life from a Christian foundation and the role of Scripture as it speaks to life and living abundantly.

GRO seamlessly integrates sound psychological processes with timeless theological truths to establish, build, and support your psychospiritual growth and maturity. 

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experiencing emotional freedom through the power of forgiveness

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experiencing emotional freedom through the power of forgiveness