personal growth, personal development
personal growth, personal developme
personal growth, personal developme

Seeing your challenge from a new perspective — a perspective that makes you bigger than the problem — means you’re not only much more likely to beat it. . . but to do so more quickly. 

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” 


Here are just 3 of our Uncommon Solutions that give our clients a dynamic and powerful new perspective on their problem:

if you’re unhappy in your job it’s probably because you’re not applying the 5 components of your own music

personal growth, personal development

you have a much better chance of beating your fear when you discover the relationship between fear and C-sickness 

personal growth, personal development

believe it or not, you likely learned everything you need to know to communicate well with your spouse before you started first grade

Here’s how we do it – 

personal growth, personal developme

Targeted Courses

Common problems approached with fresh takes that are fun to explore, simple to digest, and easy to apply. 

Current topics include fear, anxiety, self-esteem, marriage, career/life purpose, and psychospiritual growth… with more to follow.

Personal Coaching

Select clients can work one-on-one with us to personalize a game plan that resolves your specific challenges.

Our proven methods have been field tested over our 30- year practice, working with people just like you.

Both phone and email options are available for your convenience.

personal growth, personal developme

While we offer courses and coaching, we like to believe that our real product is HOPE. So if you’ve tried and failed so many times that you’re now a little short on hope, you’re in the right place. Let us help.

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