7 Things that Make You Great, Pt 3

Thus far in this series – 7 Things that Make You Great – we have covered two of the realities – you are unique, and you were born with the stamp of nobility on and in you.

Today we come to the third of these powerful truths – you have the capacity for change.


You wouldn’t know this by observing the way many people choose to live. They talk and act like they are on a predetermined track, laid out for them by some petulant resident of Olympus.

There’s just nothing they can do about their lot in life and they are more than happy to tell you about it if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare.


And therein lies the problem. Everyone who gets off this bleak and deterministic path and takes charge of their life realize something first…

They realized they have to come off of psychological welfare.

This realization comes before they ever begin to make the first change toward the life they want.


Everything costs.

The individual who becomes sick of the old way realizes that the bill for their excuse making and psychological welfare has been paid with the currency of personal power.

They get sick of this and they decide to do something about it. They take their power for change back.

No more excuses.


[su_pullquote]Everyone who gets off the bleak and deterministic path and takes charge of their life realizes something first… They realize they have to come off of psychological welfare.[/su_pullquote]








This fact is beyond dispute. There are just too many records of too many individuals who have achieved great heights from every possible starting point to deny this.

Color, poverty, limitations of intellect and body, lack of education, opposition – you name it.

The biography section of the library or any good Google search is stuffed with cases of individuals who have overcome these challenges and anything else you can name.

It’s been done!


Do you really want to go on saying, Okay, maybe so, but my situation is different?

No it isn’t. That’s the sum of the point I was just making. I don’t care where you are… it’s been done from there!

But you have to desire it. And you have to come off psychological welfare.


Read this story and tell me this guy has a leg up on you in terms of starting points.


You can change.

It’s one of the things that make you great!


The question is – what are you willing to pay? Everything costs. (Are you aware of the high price you’re already paying for living a life that is less than being the person you wish you were?)

It will certainly cost you your excuses. It will cost you your comfort zone. It will demand of you desire… and focus… and determination… and perseverance.

Yes, it will cost you. What, worth having, doesn’t?


Growth is a very prominent word in our society. It’s a good word.

What is growth but desired, intentional change? Put another way, when we say You can change we are saying that You can grow.

All growth is positive. It affirms and validates your life.

There is no such thing as negative growth. That’s not growth… it’s decay.


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You have the potential for greatness. Not people have the potential, not others have the potential… YOU have the potential for greatness!


One of the fundamental reasons this is so is because you have the ability to change.

And the very moment you are willing to do so, you can begin the process. You can get on the path of the person you desire to be.

Maybe you’ve lost that desire. Maybe you had it, but by now your journey has sucked it out of you.

Then a great place for you to begin the change process would be to get that desire back, to recapture that vision, desire, and hope – would it not?


Here’s to the YOU of your dreams!


Dr Michael Ruth, Growth Resources, Personal Growth