7 Things that Make You Great, Pt 5


Fall of 1939 was a tough time to be in your homeland if you were a Brit. A lunatic was running amok in Europe, and he had turned his attention on destroying that proud and brave island nation.

Beginning September 7 of that year – and for 56 of the next 57 days straight (nights mostly) – Hitler’s Luftwaffe would bomb the bejeezers out of London.  Other cities in Britain would be targeted as well, and devastatingly so, but London received most of the onslaught.

The continual assault would last for nine months, until May of 1941!


Which brings us to the fifth of our 7 Things That Make You Great
You’re Capable Of More Than You Believe.


If this were just an abstract reality, it probably wouldn’t matter that much either way.

But the fact is, underestimating our mental, emotional, and psychic strength usually leads to neuroticism – that tendency to respond to life’s challenges with negatively oriented excessive emotion and behavioral.

And that fact makes this subject most important.


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Let’s be honest. None of us really like being stretched. In the café of life most of us would prefer to have the comfort with a side order of ease, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, life’s comfort zone seems to come pre-sprayed with RoundUp. Nothing grows there.


And that’s where life comes in.

Life is such that it asks more of us than this. Whether we desire it or not, life is determined to give us opportunities to grow. What we do with them is, of course, up to us.


Our orientation to challenges makes all the difference. Running from them works a bit… but only to a limit, and does little to assuage the anxiety.

Being angered by them is useless, and usually reveals either fears or a sense of entitlement.

And speaking of fear, giving in to the fear of challenges only makes the fear stronger. Fear feeds on surrender.


I wish our society were more attuned to facilitate our true growth, but I’m afraid that’s just not the case. It will be of little help to you in your personal development.

So much of what is being propagated is pure silliness. Life rarely gives trigger warnings.


[su_note note_color=”#d9d9d9″ text_color=”#474747″]Unfortunately, life’s comfort zone seems to come pre-sprayed with RoundUp. Nothing grows there.[/su_note]


Allow me to revisit our story from the beginning of this post. The date is 12/31/40 – New Year’s Eve. Despite all their historic city had been through, Londoners gather together to celebrate the coming year. Listen to these words from a Bloomsbury (London suburb) resident as she shares her evening with us:

Never can every restaurant and club have been more completely packed. Never can crowds have been more spontaneously gay…

Last year we were sober because the threat of the future was a threat still, and we knew the year was bringing us dread ordeals and hazards. 1941 will bring them too, but we have gazed right into the furnace, and recaptured our belief in ourselves.

She goes on – As midnight struck we sang Auld Lang Syne and joined hands and waved our paper hats and danced a highland reel on two inches of space. Would that Hitler could have seen us. I think he’d have found it disheartening.


London Blitz, Personal Growth, Growth Resources Online


Ordinary people. Ordinary people showing strength, courage, and hope in measures probably none of them believed themselves capable of just a year earlier.

Note carefully the woman’s words above – …we have gazed right into the furnace, and recaptured our belief in ourselves.

And there we have it. Forged in the fires of trial is the key to it all.

We too must use that key to unlock that selfsame answer within – to recapture our belief in our self.

Remember, if you but will it so, You’re Capable Of More Than You Believe.




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The New Year’s Eve story is from Blitz: The Story of December 29, 1940, Margaret Gaskin, p. 354.