7 Things that Make You Great, Pt 7

We come now to the final installment in our series, 7 Things that Make You Great. In this post I want you to realize that – You Can Change.

The last post implied self-correction. Here that idea is implemented. It is a logical progression, isn’t it. What would be the possible benefit of self-evaluation, if we could do nothing with the findings?

(I’m reminded of a commercial by an Identity protection company now running. After peering into a patient’s mouth a man in a lab coat says Wow, you have a really bad cavity. As he begins to walk away the customer says Well aren’t you going to fix it? The man in the lab coat says Oh, I’m not a dentist… I’m a dental monitor.)


Don’t snare yourself with such limiting statements as:

  • What’s the point of yet another try?
  • It’s too late now.
  • I don’t have enough…

You’ve never lived this day before. It stands to reason then, that you’ve never been here before. Today is a fresh start!


You see, a new start is the whole point of having the capacity for self-evaluation. I just don’t believe that life is designed in such a way that we can take stock of ourselves… but can’t do anything about it.

I know of no reason to believe such absurdity or cruelty is built into our design.


[su_pullquote]You’ve never lived this day before. It stands to reason then, that you’ve never been here before. Today is a fresh start![/su_pullquote]







You can change!

  • Biology isn’t destiny… unless you let it be.
  • Personal history isn’t destiny… unless you allow it.
  • Circumstances aren’t destiny… unless you are content for them to be.

You can change.


Okay Doc – you’ve convinced me. How do I go about it?

Well, in the confines of a blog post, I would suggest to you the advice of William James, a pioneering American psychologist.

Dr. James said, to change your life: start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions.

Let’s poke around in this a bit.


1 Start Immediately

No matter what your goal, there is something you can do toward that end now. That’s where you start.

The only place you can begin something is now. If you start tomorrow, it will no longer be tomorrow… it will be the new now.

Don’t wait for that one. Use this one – the one you have… now.

And remember, progress is any step in the right direction.


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2 Do It Flamboyantly

Interesting word, flamboyant.  It comes from the French word for flame (as in  that process that makes your Bananas Foster taste so great).

One reason I have a lifelong love affair with words is because of the ways they have of forming structures in our collective unconscious.  And flamboyant is a perfect example.


What do we say of someone having a great game? Giving a good performance? Executing at a high level?

We say “he’s on fire!” right?

What do we say of someone with a singular focus toward their goal? Something like, “she has a burning desire to succeed.”



Unless you can generate some desire, some emotional energy… some flame for the change you want to make. You are likely headed for failure.

Most attempts to make life changes are doomed before they ever get off the ground. The attitude and mindset with which they are begun can’t possibly succeed. Why?

No fire.

For attempts at change to work they have to be on fire with desire, with emotional energy. That is, they must be flamboyant.


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3 No Exceptions

Simply put, what James is saying is that if you don’t start right now and you don’t back the new beginning with emotional fuel, your chances at succeeding in the change you want to make are nil.

Procrastination and powerlessness do not equal intentional, positive change.


So there we are. Seven things that make you great. Why not take a week and make your own “7 Days to a New Me” program.  On day one, focus on the first of our seven points – day two, point two – and so on.

If you will take each point to heart, if you will begin now, if you will catch fire, you’ll be amazed at the capacity for change that lies, not within people… but within you.


Dr Michael Ruth, Growth Resources, Personal Growth