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Our Journey

Growth Resources Counseling Center opened its doors in 1990 as a local resource for those facing personal, relational, or work-related challenges. That was 29 years ago now, and we continue to maintain our high standard of professional counseling and psychotherapy services to our in-office clients.

However, some while back we began considering the idea of expanding our reach to an online community. After several years of planning and preparation, we are excited to now offer our materials and services to you as Growth Resources Online (GRO).

Our Mission

Inspired and motivated by a New Testament statement, our singular mission at GRO is to create and maintain a place where your soul can prosper.

This mission defines and fuels everything we do – the courses we create, the spirit we employ as coaching professionals, and the attention and support we give our members both inside GRO’s online community and individually as needed.

The key words in the phrase that drive us are soul and prosper. Think of your soul as your whole inner self – your mind, your heart, your personality, … YOU. And prosper means to help along the way or to succeed in reaching a destination.

This is our driving passion at GRO – to be a helper along the way as your whole self succeeds in reaching dreams and destinations worthy of you.

The GRO Team

Dr. Michael Ruth is Board Certified in counseling, family therapy, life coaching, and NLP. He is author of three books and chief course creator for GRO.

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Susan Ruth, an award-winning educator,  holds a BS in Education, a Masters degree in Counseling, and is a certified Life Coach as well as co-course creator for GRO.

He holds degrees in history, theology, counseling, and religion and society. He received the Chalice Award in recognition of outstanding doctoral research for his dissertation – The Virulent Personality: A Proposal for the Clinical Classification of Pathological Evil as a Psychiatric Disorder

Dr. Ruth is a therapist, counselor and life coach now in his 29th year of private practice. 

Also an author, she has ghostwritten five books on topics including personal achievement, biography and business, and spiritual development. 

Susan is particularly passionate about helping parents grow emotionally healthy kids, finding career success, women’s issues, and discovering your strengths and purpose.

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