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It’s frustrating to want to move forward in your life… but not know where to find the tools you need or where to turn for assistance, isn’t it? 

We get that. In fact, that’s precisely why GRO is here.

To give you a clearer picture of us, we’ve gathered 5 of the most common questions we receive about what makes us different… and why we just might be what you’re looking for.

1) What can GRO do for me?

GRO’s learning-effective system is intentionally designed to comprehensively improve your skills at the craft of living. Why do we expect there to be a learning curve to any other skill or craft we want to master, but somehow assume we’re just born with an innate knowledge of how to do LIFE? Like anything else, living well is a learned skill. And at GRO, we’re committed to helping you fill your toolbox for this skill called life!

Specifically, our intent and purpose at GRO is to enhance your skills in the three critical areas:
• relationship with self • relationships with others • relationship with work/career

 2) What makes GRO different?

In a word – our philosophy. (Susan tells you about this in the video on the Home page.)

Here’s the deal.  We devour information – self-help books, seminars, conferences, webinars, podcasts. If information alone were enough to make us skilled at the craft of living… America would be chock full of life masters

But we’re not. That’s because information alone is not enough. 

We tend to treat personal growth information as though it were a talismanif I just get close enough to it, it will somehow have a life-changing effect on me. That’s not how it works. It never has been how it works… but we keep approaching it in the same way hoping for magic.

This is why at GRO we offer a system for change, because certain components must come together synergistically before change can ever occur. (Again, these are explained by Susan in the video. Or you can read about them HERE.)

3) Is membership in your system better than hiring a life coach?

GRO’s membership is comprehensive, our coaching is specific. Think of our membership as joining a gym for your life… a place where you can work on multiple areas in which you want to see growth and change.

Coaching is about specific help with a specific need, desire, or concern. And sometimes that’s exactly what’s called for.

Our membership is intended to be a component of your lifestyle (who joins a gym for a week?), while our coaching is more short-term and issue focused… for the times we’re stuck or need clarification with a challenge or decision.

At GRO we offer you both – membership for ongoing life and relationship enrichment and development… and coaching by our  board-certified life coaches when you need that.

4) How do you choose the topics for your courses?

All our courses are written by us, so they are completely proprietary – certified organic, as we like to say!

We are continually creating courses… and often in direct response to member requests. For that reason, the curriculum is ever expanding to not only cover familiar topics (anxiety, marriage, fear, parenting, career…) but to address subjects specifically requested by our members as well!

You can see the courses that are currently available HERE

As a sneak peak, some of our coming courses deal with:
     • raising psychologically healthy, self-confident kids
     • depression
     • healthy self-assertiveness 
     • forgiveness
     • loneliness
     • how to heal your wounds

5) What if I want individual help or my area of need isn’t addressed in one of your courses?

Because we are committed to making sure each one of our members is taken care of, if you need individual attention, as covered in Question 3, we offer both phone and email coaching as well – for both members and non-members. (See our Coaching page.)

In addition, we are completely responsive to member requests in everything we do. So if you would like a course on a particular topic – as long as it is relevant in scope for other members – then you can request it and we will get about the business of creating it!

That’s just one of the benefits of being a member of GRO – the ability to get member-directed material we uniquely create for you.

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