34 years of integrating biblical truth and psychology

Shadow Work

A New Guide to Spiritual and Psychological Growth

In this 243-page paperback, Dr Ruth masterfully explains the “dark side” of our personality in his signature casual, warm, and reader-friendly style. 

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover in Shadow Work:

The late Dr M Scott Peck, imminent psychiatrist and best-selling author of The Road Less Traveled, referred to Shadow Work as “One of the truly great and well-written books about our human journey.”

Psychologist Elizabeth Austin, PhD, says “Finally, here is a book, lucid and well-written, that bridges the worlds of Christianity and psychology without denigrating either.”

Theologian and author, Henry Lazenby, PhD, states “Dr Ruth presents a unique and effective look into the role of spiritual dynamics in reaching human wholeness.”

This remarkable book responds to the turmoil of today’s world with a comforting, encouraging message that’s useful to everyone, no matter where you are on the spectrum of personal growth. 

For this reason, Shadow Work is a truly valuable read if you’re interested in understanding your unconscious mind, or “other side” of your personality, and how to change it.