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Start Fresh… Stay on Track… Finish Strong!

What one thing about yourself or your life would you love to change right now… if you had the power?

  • maybe you need courage to end a bad relationship or insights to repair a broken one…
  • maybe you’re tired of that thing from your past continuing to ruin your present…
  • maybe you’d love to summon the confidence to change careers.

Whatever it is, you know it well because it’s that thing nagging you in the back of your mind most every single day. You fully intend to fix it. There have even been a number of days when you got up and said, “THIS will be the day I get started on that.”

But even if you know what to do (sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t), it’s hard to stay focused long enough, consistently enough, to get across the finish line.

In fact, we’re all pretty good at starting… it’s hanging with it until we get it done that’s the problem.

And that’s what makes trying to change something in your life so dang frustrating.

Don’t think it’s just you. You know… “If I were only smarter, more disciplined, more confident, more tenacious… or even just less fearful… I could make it happen.”

It doesn’t matter who you are… creating a desired difference that sticks over time – even in just one area – is hard. And it’s just about impossible if you try to do it alone!

There’s a really good reason that’s so. I’ll explain exactly what that reason is in a bit. But first…

Let me share with you why information alone is not enough to bring about desired change.

For the past 28 years I’ve had the privilege of helping clients in my private practice figure out and overcome what’s keeping them stuck. And what these years have taught me – above all else – is that no matter how good the information is… or how much of it we consume… information alone can’t fix us.

Let me make it clear that I’m by no means opposed to information. In fact, I’m pretty much an info junkie. For proof, my personal library contains

  • over 4,000 hardcopy books,
  • over 6,000 audio books, and
  • over 25,000 eBooks…

I’m big on information.

But only on the rarest of occasions in my practice have I witnessed a case where information alone was enough to propel someone to a lasting change.

Yet most people seem to continue to believe (despite a mountain of evidence and personal experience to the contrary) that if they can just lay hold of the right info, their problem will be solved.

Growth Resources Online, Personal Growth, Online Courses, Online Coaching
My therapy office and a small chunk of my library

Why is information not enough?

Think of it like this… information is like change in seed form. It’s only potential change. But it needs help from its surroundings in order to germinate, take root, and grow into something healthy. That seed will never do what it was intended to do if left alone.

There must be a coming together of certain components: good seed, planted in decent soil, receiving the right mix of sunlight and moisture… and an element of time.

Germination is dynamic by its very nature. In other words, it’s natural for the seed to produce living fruit when all the necessary elements are present and working in concert together. Leave out any one of those elements, however, and you get… nada. Nothing at all.

Just like the process of germination, creating intentional change demands a lot more than just information (seed) you can unearth on Google.

Maybe in some way this describes what you’re experiencing. You’ve really tried to change what you don’t like about yourself or your life. And you keep trying. But you’re not getting anywhere. You stall out. You can’t stay on track. You lose focus, motivation, direction… whatever.

And still you refuse to settle. You’re determined to keep believing you can do it.

And I say, Good on ya!

Because if you really desire a thing, I firmly believe you have the potential to achieve it. It’s just a matter of getting all the essentials in place to bring it to life. And a supporting cast that surrounds you with the essentials is the most effective, most efficient, most likely means of getting there.

Can you get the results you want without outside help? Not if nature is any indication.

Why? Because nature teaches us that a seed needs help from the soil, the sun, the rain.

And that’s where we come in. We provide not only the information (seed)… but the supporting cast that information needs to germinate – and to produce lasting fruit in your life.

How do we do it?

By bringing the same professional care and practical tools we share with our in-office clients at Growth Resources to our online community.

We call this community Growth Resources Online (GRO) – and it is available exclusively to GRO Members.

Here’s what GRO Members get

1. Multiple virtual learning opportunities

  • An ever-growing library of courses
  • Weekly group coaching via mp3s
  • Monthly deep-dive trainings (in response to Member requests!)
  • Quarterly laser-focused webinars (guaranteed practical and usable!)

Here is a sampling of our ever-growing library of courses available to our members:

Anxiety, Conquering Anxiety, Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth
Christian Marriage, Marriage, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Help, Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth
Self-Image, Self_Image Problems, Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth
Fear, Conquering Fear, Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth
Passion, Purpose, Career, Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth

AND here is just a sampling of some of our courses currently being developed, which will soon be available for our members:

Why Can't My Husband Open Up, Husband-Wife Communication, Marriage Communications, Why Can't My Husband Share His Feelings
Copywriting, Copywriting Course, Learn Copywriting at home, Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth
Personal Growth, Personal Development, Growth Resources Online, Online Courses
Personal Growth, Personal Development, Growth Resources Online, Online Courses

All our materials are developed and taught by credentialed professional counselors and certified, seasoned coaches… and delivered across optional platforms to make it easier for you.

But that’s just the information part of the package.

2. Group and individual attention from GRO’s Member Caretaker

That’s right… a real-life, honest-to-God human being whose primary concern is that each member get what he or she needs (that is within our capacity to provide, of course) to run their race and win.

3. A private interactive community exclusive for GRO Members

Like-minded people who are excited about taking responsibility for their own personal growth and psychospiritual fitness. (Participation in the community is completely voluntary but highly encouraged!)

4. The opportunity for one-on-one, results-focused coaching

If you need more, as a GRO Member you have direct access to personalized help from these same professionals on request.

So, let me again ask a question we posed on the home page… How are things with you right now?

Are you happy with you? Are your relationships healthy? Are you energized by and satisfied in your work – or does it drain the life right out of you? Are personal battles hindering you from giving what those you love need from you physically and emotionally?

Life is like a cross-country race… against yourself. You’re not competing against anyone but you, and the clock of time. If the daily grind has you stuck in a rut, or stalled out even, maybe you could use some outside help so you can get a fresh start. Somebody that could help you find direction and motivation to stay focused – and stay on track so you can finish strong.

GRO can be the help you’re looking for… the help you will find when you become a Member.

As a GRO Member, let me recap what you’ll get:

1. All courses, lessons, webinars, mp3s, group coaching sessions and deep-dive trainings are accessible online. Everything is either delivered to your email inbox via link or accessible through your member dashboard.

2. All GRO’s material is “certified organic.” That is, it is fresh and original in nature… created and honed from our own personal and professional growth process and our 28-year-old in-office counseling and coaching practice. Our most effective trainings have been distilled down to clear, easy-to-understand-and-implement formats, delivered in manageable, bite-size portions to you.

3. We communicate regularly and consistently with you via email and inside our private, online community, and you are invited to communicate back so we can continue to build all our trainings, mp3s… even courses… in response to member needs and requests.

4. Multi-media learning – a good mix of pdf, audio and video – accessible via your platform of choice (laptop, tablet, and phone).

5. Ongoing interactive group and individual support from GRO’s Member Caretaker – who you will come to know by name!

6. A supportive private community of members excited about both giving and receiving help and encouragement among fellow members. (We have a site completely dedicated to our Member Community. And remember, participation in the community forum is completely voluntary.)

… all for a low monthly investment (much less than you typically pay for specialized training of this caliber), so it’s easy on your budget. Plus, there’s no long-term contract – which means you control your account and are free to cancel at any time.

Here’s the bottom line…

We know from experience that in order to get the results you want, you need all the players – not just the information. We also know from nature and the process of germination that when all the essential elements are in place, growth and fruit are natural outcomes.

That’s why, for GRO Members we expect real, life-enhancing results to be the norm – not the exception!

Here is a chart outlining the 3 levels of membership and what each includes:

Email Coaching, Phone Coaching, Growth Resources Online

Courses are set up on a drip schedule at the rate of 1 to 7 days between lessons, depending on the amount of content covered per lesson and the difficulty level of that particular course. In addition, many of the lessons include actionable exercises that facilitate application and integration of the concepts and principles shared in that lesson. These exercises implement practical, useful life skills to reinforce your growth in that particular area, giving you ample opportunity to apply what you’re learning… as well as a great chance to reach out and ask for help if needed. For these reasons, however, we strongly recommend you focus on one course at a time, so you can make sure you put what you’re learning into practice.

Choose the course you prefer from the Member’s library and move through it at the pace we have established for you. Our goal is for you to succeed! And we know if you just download the information, read or listen to it… but do nothing with it… you’ll be no better off. If you opt for that approach, you’ll just be wasting your time, and your money. We’re not interested in you doing that, and we’re pretty sure you aren’t either!

If you prefer, you can take up to two courses at a time on this same schedule. But again, we strongly encourage you to focus on real growth and change… not on how many courses you can consume in a limited amount of time!

So, if you’re ready for a fresh start… for the chance to get back on track so you can finish strong… in an environment optimally suited to facilitate the results you want…

GRO is for you… and we’d love to have you join us!!

per month
  • Ever-expanding library of proprietary courses
  • Interactive and supportive member community
  • Direct access to and guidance from GRO’s Member Caretaker

per month
  • Two individual, personalized email coaching sessions per month
  • Weekly group mp3 calls, monthly deep-dive classes, and quarterly webinars
  • Ever-expanding library of proprietary courses
  • Interactive and supportive member community
  • Direct access to and guidance from GRO’s Member Caretaker