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personal growth, personal development
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Are you frustrated because you know what the Bible says you SHOULD do about your problem but for all the world you can’t figure out HOW to do it?

If our 30-year clinical practice – as well as our own personal experience – shows us anything, it’s how frustrating it can be as a Christian to know what the Bible says but not be able to make it work in your own life.

It’s not because you don’t believe what Scripture teaches. You do. And it’s not because you don’t pray for God’s help. You do that too.

And yet, you still struggle with those common human issues like fear, anxiety, anger, inability to forgive, marriage, worry, grief, parenting, or self-image.

On top of it all, you now secretly feel like a failure. You find yourself wondering “Where is the peace that Christ promised?” 

The Heart of the Matter

For 20 years I had been seeking an answer to a question that caused me a great deal of intellectual curiosity and more than a little frustration. 

Simply put, my question was this: Why is it that Scripture tells us what to do, but not how to do it? 

And I’m being honest when I tell you that I wrestled with this on and off for 20 years. And then one day . . . I saw it.

The Bible is a book of precept, not process. That is to say, it tells us what to do, but seldom how to do it.

A precept is a general principle intended to regulate thought and behavior.  

Examples of biblical precepts include:

     •  “do not provoke your children to anger” (Ephesians 6:4)

     •  “if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them” (Mark 11:25)

     •  “do not be afraid or discouraged” (Joshua 8:1)

There are probably a number of reasons why we are given the what and not the how, but I think two are primary: 

     1.  If it gave us the process for each precept, the Bible would be about the size of an old-school set of encyclopedias!

     2.  This absence of process encourages us to pursue wisdom, seek insight, and discover application.


But HOW?

This is where psychology enters the picture. Psychology helps with the how. Psychology gives insight about Process

And it can aid in applying the Precept found in God’s Word to my situation and through my unique personality. 

You will hear us talk a lot about psychospiritual growth, psychospiritual development. That is because for us, it is the ideal term. It encompasses both the spiritual (the universal Precepts of Scripture) and the psychological (the Processes allowing us to successfully integrate the Truth into our life).

Because in reality, there is both a spiritual and a psychological component to our being, just as there is a physical component. 

The problem is that most spiritual leaders (pastors and teachers) are only equipped to deal with our spiritual needs. And most psychologists, counselors, and therapists are only equipped to address our psychological needs.

But any successful and lasting response to psychospiritual challenges like anxiety, hurt, and anger — must address both our spiritual and our psychological needs. 

Both Susan and I hold degrees in theology and counseling, allowing us to seamlessly integrate biblical precepts with psychological processes to help our clients navigate life’s challenges and provide insight and direction for their psychospiritual growth.

By combining the precepts from Scripture with the best insights and methodologies of psychology, we flesh out the path that takes you from precept through process to that all-important lasting change.

And here’s how we do it . . .

Christian growth, Christian blog, Christian counseling, Christian coaching, Christian psychology, Growth Resources Online, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression

Dynamic Membership

A safe, supportive, and inspiring place where you can finally experience the transformation you’ve long sought.

As a Member you’ll learn how to put the precepts of God’s Word into action in your own life by combining them with psychological processes to create lasting change.

Personal Coaching

Select clients can work one-on-one with us to target specific challenges more directly and accelerate the change process.

Our proven methods have been field tested over our 30-year practice, working with people just like you.

Both phone and email options are available for your convenience.

personal growth, personal developme

While we offer membership and coaching, we like to believe that our real product is HOPE. So if you’ve tried and failed so many times that you’re a little short on hope, you’re in the right place. 

You see, it’s just as Proverbs 25:2* says

God delights in concealing things; [precepts]
scientists delight in discovering things. [process]

Precepts and Process — This is our focus at GRO

*The Message translation

We’re here for you — 
and we’d love to help


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