A Surprisingly Simple Method proven to Level Up Your Life 

Based in Biblical Wisdom and Sound Psychology

You can enjoy life.   Live on purpose.   Make a difference.

A personal message to our fellow believers —

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Are you a frustrated Christian . . .

. . . struggling with the disconnect between what you know Scripture says about your problem — but not seeing it work in your own life?


Hi, I’m Susan.

And before I say anything else, I want you to know you’ve just entered a safe zone. 

Because life is challenging in the best of times. And the truth is, we all struggle with something

But to be honest, Christians often struggle more because we judge ourselves too harshly. Not only that, we also add the measuring stick of guilt to the equation, saying “if I were a better Christian I wouldn’t be having this problem.”

I assure you that my husband, Mike, and I have not only heard this statement plenty times from others; we also used to say that very same thing ourselves. 

Because we too are Christians… who worry and stress sometimes. Or get discouraged because we’re in a bad headspace. Or even – on rare occasions – get sideways with each other!

But we don’t guilt ourselves over it. Not anymore. 

And more importantly… we don’t stay there. Instead, we fix it.

Because we know that struggles and challenges are nothing more than problems to be solved

And thankfully, we also know what to do to get back to a good place fairly quickly

That’s because helping people get healthy – both psychologically and spiritually – has been our life’s work. 

Which means we’ve spent the last several decades learning, practicing, and then teaching our counseling practice clients (with great success I might add!) certain essential “life skills” or tools that we all have to have in order to live well, to live as the Bible directs and commands us to live.

And this is why I can say with confidence that no matter where you are right now – or what your particular problem is – we believe that once you have these same tools in your “life toolbox” … and you know how and when to use them … you can also fairly quickly overcome whatever it is that’s keeping you from enjoying a fulfilling, meaningful life.

That’s why we’re here. We want to show you how to do that very thing.

More about that in a minute. 

But first, allow me to share some real-life case studies of what these same tools have equipped others to do…

Up to now, you may have thought all you needed to do was pray for God’s help and your worry and anxiety would go away. 

Or your anger. Or your fear. Or the problems in your relationship.

And I’m sure you do pray. And that you sincerely try to do better.

And of course, God can… and sometimes does… answer these kinds of prayers directly. 

But if this hasn’t been your experience, I’d like you to consider that maybe that you’re still struggling because you simply don’t yet know how to use the good mind and will to choose that God gave you to fix the problem.

(Like any good parent, God typically does not do for us what we are able to do for ourselves.)

To be sure, it may not feel like it right now. 

But you are capable of improving that difficult relationship… or letting go of your painful past and forgiving that person who deeply hurt you once and for all… or ridding yourself of toxic thought threads… or beating anxiety and stress. 

It’s only a matter of learning HOW. 

You see, getting good at living life is no different than anything else you want to learn to be good at.

To master any craft or profession, you first have to have the requisite tools. Then you have to learn how to use those tools effectively. And finally, you have to practice your craft on a near daily basis to continue to improve that skill set. 

It’s no different when it comes to being skilled at the craft of living!

But here’s the problem with mastering the craft of living…

We think just because we are alive we should automatically know how to live well.

And yet you don’t have to look far to realize that’s not how it works.

If you think about it, this explains why so many people are unhappy…

We simply don’t enjoy doing what we’re not good at!

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THIS BEGS THE QUESTION… how do you get good at the craft of living?

(Our story… ministry, psychological practice… literally spent the last four decades helping people learn how to live well.)

So when you learn how to better control your mind using the set of essential skills and techniques that we systemically provide for you…

By default, you stress less.

Your anxiety level and worry meter go way down until they hardly register.

Your self-confidence, enthusiasm, peace, grace, and strength for facing each day (still full of unknowns, by the way) continue to renew and recharge you both spiritually and psychologically day after day.

This is when you find yourself fully stepping into the life God has for you… as the person He made you to be… clarifying and fulfilling your own unique mission and purpose!

God gives us one life. And He holds us responsible for making that life count. 

Not only that, He warns us that the majority of our battles are won – or lost – in the mind: “Gird up the loins of your mind…” (1 Peter 1:13).

You might think this Scripture only relates to spiritual warfare, but do you honestly think you can effectively fight a spiritual battle if you’re worried sick, stressed to the max, depressed, angry, lacking sufficient self-confidence, and on and on?

Of course not!

After all, an “angry Christian,” a “stressed Christian,” an “unforgiving Christian,” a “worried Christian” are all contradictory concepts. 

Besides, struggling to move beyond a painful past, bouts of depression and anxiety, self-defeating mindset and behavior patterns…

… are these not psychological battles as well as spiritual ones?

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

John 10:10