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How Coaching Differs from Counseling/Therapy

Though both coaching and therapy require an understanding of human behavior as well as motivational, behavioral and counseling techniques, there are major differences between the two in regard to focus, goals, and perspective.

A coach helps you use the knowledge and skills you already have to:

  1. formulate the changes you would like to make,
  2. develop a strategy or action plan that will allow you to achieve those changes,
  3. facilitate and support the steps necessary to implement your plan, and
  4. employ strategies that will help you maintain the changes you have made.

Coaching is forward-looking, and places the emphasis on shifting perspective… on what is possible.

The primary focus of a counselor, or therapist, on the other hand, is to help you understand the history and personal dynamics behind dysfunctional or destructive behavior patterns and symptoms and to assist you in getting in touch with those dynamics and processing through them to a place of peace and wholeness.

Due to the more sensitive, introspective nature of the counseling model, we reserve therapy for our in-office clients. 

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