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A Board Certified Life Coach, in short, is a trained and credentialed professional who helps you be your best. Dr. Mike and Susan are both board-certified life coaches – with a combined 43 years experience in working with people just like you. 

For your convenience, we offer coaching in two formats – email and phone:

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email coaching

Email coaching (e-coaching) is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for most people. Email coaching affords you all the benefits of having a board-certified coach on hand, without having to worry about keeping a schedule.

Once the process has been initiated by you (as described in the information you receive from us via the form below), you simply email your chosen coach with your question/concern at your convenience.

Help is there when you need it vs waiting for your appointment time to roll around. Our standard time of reply is within 24 hours.

personal growth, personal development, online courses, online self-help courses, online coaching

phone coaching

Phone coaching (tele-coaching) offers its own benefits as well.

It is preferred by those who desire to speak in real time with their coach, get immediate input, and prefer a more conversational experience.

It is also ideal for those who had rather communicate by talking rather than writing.

Our phone coaching is by appointment, as described in the information you will receive on request, using the form below.

And remember, with GRO coaching you are in complete control. You choose not only the format (email or phone) but the coach you wish to work with as well.  Both Susan and Dr Mike are available, regardless of which format you choose.

To request detailed information on GRO Coaching (including pricing and how to get started), simply email us at the following address or use the form below:

(Note – this will not add you to any email list or obligate you in any way)

Please note, while coaching is offered online, counseling/therapy is available in-office only.
(If you are unclear as to the difference you can click HERE for the distinction.)

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