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When was the last time you had someone focus entirely on you – focus on you with the single purpose of helping you get what you really want out of life?

Life Coaching is…

Most everyone now is familiar with the term “life coach.” But in case you’re not quite sure just what a life coach is – and does – this may help.

A Board Certified Life Coach is a trained and credentialed professional who helps you find focus, identify your goals, track your progress, and stay motivated along the way.

Your Life Coach is a mentor, a guide, and a motivator – giving you objective feedback, encouragement, and ongoing support.

The important thing to remember is that with GRO Coaching – you are in charge of the focus. We help you change what you want to change.

About GRO Coaching

Dr. Mike and Susan are both board-certified life coaches with more than 20 years experience in helping people just like you. If you choose to utilize GRO’s coaching services:

⇒ You’ll have a trained professional focusing completely on you and your need, desire or concern

⇒ You’ll have help in clearly identifying, defining, and strategizing toward the change you’re seeking

⇒ You’ll benefit from a tailored process, that we’ll design together, to get the results you want

⇒ You’ll have help creating the right mindset and the right actions, overcoming obstacles, tracking your progress, and staying motivated!

Is GRO Coaching right for you?

Allow us to change the question just a bit. Will GRO Coaching facilitate you in defining your goals… then strategizing toward those goals, staying on task until you reach them, and doing so more fully and in less time? ALMOST CERTAINLY!

But you know best whether you need the services of GRO Coaching right now.

We do know this: Life goes by much faster than we want to believe, and it will take more of that precious commodity – TIME – to reach your goals without a coach than it will if you have one of our trained professionals in your corner.

Please note, we offer coaching by extension. Counseling/therapy is done in-office only. (If you are unclear as to the difference you can click HERE for distinction.)

To request a schedule of options and pricing for GRO Coaching, email us at the following address or use the form below:

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