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Have you ever tried truly forgiving someone for something they did that hurt you – but nothing inside you felt any different?

Maybe you even said those words, “I forgive you,” directly to them.

But you’re still nurturing that hurt. And you may even find yourself wanting them to have to pay for what they did.

At the same time, you can’t behave these feelings toward them because you already “forgave” them.

As a Christian, a real part of you wants to do the right thing – to “forgive others as God through Christ has forgiven you,” (Ephesians 4:32).

But another part of you doesn’t. 

In fact, that part of you may even secretly believe they don’t deserve your forgiveness.

If you’ve had these kinds of experiences especially in significant relationships – with your spouse, between you and your parents or children, with siblings, best friends, co-workersyou will feel stuck

because you ARE stuck.

And the reason you’re stuck is simply that – with the best of intentionsyou rushed to forgive before you were ready to forgive.

There’s only one way out of that trap. Only one way to be free.

Untangling the Forgiveness Knot shows you the way.

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