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About 40 million adult Americans struggle with anxiety – an emotionally painful problem that, in most cases, is misdiagnosed as a condition you need to learn to live with and manage as best you can. We believe, however, that chronic, debilitating anxiety can be well managed if not outright conquered once you see it for what it really is and understand how it works. All this and more is discoverable in this practical course.  More...

This course includes 14 lessons with exercises in both a 109-page pdf and audio (14 mp3 files)  


According to Psychology Today, poor self-image has reached epidemic status. Isn’t it time you quit looking in the mirror and feeling bad about the person looking back at you? Whether you feel anxious, unhappy, angry, disappointed, inadequate, unworthy, or just empty inside… this course shares 3 simple steps to eradicate your damaged self-image and shows you how to replace it with a dynamic, healthy view of who you really are in record time! More…

This course includes 21 lessons with exercises in a 172-page pdf


The most often expressed regret of the dying is that they lived life in the safe zone, never pursuing their true passion… never realizing the purpose they were here to fulfill. Don’t let that be your experience! Are you frustrated with yourself because you keep sitting on the sidelines? Life is a precious commodity, but in order to enjoy the journey we have to summon the courage to step up to the challenge and pursue our dream. And for those who do… magic happens! More…

This course includes 8 lessons with exercises in a 92-page pdf


Deciding to get married without first learning some vital skills is like deciding you want to skydive without any preparation. After all, can’t be that much to it… right?! This may well explain why half of all marriages in America end in divorce. Marriage “work” can be quite fun actually, if you go at it the right way. If your marriage could use some help – or you simply want to learn how to succeed before you jump – then this course is for you! More…

This course includes 11 lessons with exercises in a 136-page pdf


Thanks to the incredible birthright you have as the unique creation of a loving God, awesome realities exist for you that you don’t have to earn… that you don’t have to wait until some future date to achieve… and that no one can take from you! If you’re trudging through life, oblivious to the magic of who you really are, it’s time to discover the power behind these 7 realities in this life-transforming course! More…

This course includes 7 lessons with exercises in a 51-page pdf


Fear is a dark foe. If allowed to take root, it will rob you of so much life. Fear of failure, fear of risk, fear of disappointing others, fear of opinions… of ill health, of lack, of death… of LIFE! When you discover what’s really behind your fear as explained from this unique perspective, you will learn what you need to overcome the fears you face in your life. More…

This course includes 7 lessons with exercises in both a 48-page pdf and audio (7 mp3 files)


How is it that we can grow older year by year… while continuing to move in a circle and never getting any further down the road toward personal strength and wholeness? Lasting, real growth involves more than just rearranging the furniture in your living room (one of Dr Mike’s names for the ego). Want to know how to bring about genuine change that lasts?

You may be surprised at the answer, which is explained in thoughtful and considerate detail in this insightful, enlightening course. More…

This course includes 6 lessons with exercises in a 82-page pdf


Simple encounters… the kind that transpire multiple times each day for every one of us… can be transformed into significant experiences with just a little awareness and intention on our part. We hope this course will help you see more of those opportunities where you can make a real and positive difference in the lives of others. There’s another real advantage here that you can truly benefit from, and you’ll discover what that is by the time you finish this GRO Short CourseMore…

This GRO Short Course includes 3 lessons in both a 20-page pdf and audio (3 mp3 files)


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