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Have you ever “forgiven” someone for wronging you – but nothing inside you felt any different? 

Maybe you even said those words, “I forgive you,” directly to them. 

Or maybe you don’t want to even consider forgiving them because you don’t believe they deserve your forgiveness.

As a Christian, you ultimately want to do the right thing – to “forgive others as God through Christ has forgiven you,” (Ephesians 4:32). 

But you’re still nurturing that hurt. And if you’re honest with yourself, part of you still wants them to pay for what they did.

If you’ve had these kinds of experiences, especially in significant relationships – fiancéspouse, between you and your parents or children, with siblings, best friends, co-workersyou probably feel stuck, confused, and more than a little frustrated

There’s only one way out of that trap. Only one way to be free.

This breakthrough course on forgiveness shows you the way.

Untangling the Forgiveness Knot walks you step-by-step through the 5 Stages of Forgiveness® that Dr Mike developed after successfully working this same process with numerous clients over the last three decades.
Until now this 5 Stages of Forgiveness® program has only been made available to clients of Growth Resources (our long-standing private counseling practice).
Which means this is the first time we’ve offered it to the public in the form of a Growth Resources Online course.

Release date for Untangling the Forgiveness Knot is just around the corner! 

We have chosen to debut our course catalog with this impactful course on forgiveness because it is not only one of the most misunderstood precepts of Scripture… it is also essential for psychological healing and spiritual effectiveness!

However, registration will be limited, and Members of our Christians Who Thrive Community will have first option for signing up. (In addition, Members qualify for a deep discount off the standard course fee!) 

If you want to be notified when registration opens, just leave your name and email in the form below and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date! 

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