Fear’s Antidote (Conclusion)

In this final installment on the subject of fear, let’s focus on the solution to the problem. How do we conquer irrational fear? It’s good to know that there is an antidote to this pesky problem.

Simply put, where fear roams freely there is a lack of faith. The only known antidote to fear is faith-backed action.

And why research shows us that an individual can most certainly find an ally in their religious beliefs when it comes to fear, that is not the belief I am speaking of.


The person hounded by fear almost always lacks a faith in himself or herself.


Fear, ultimately, is a misuse of belief. I want to come back to something I said in the second blog in this series – Fear as Lack:

Rather than believing in themselves, their talents and gifts, their abilities and
capabilities, fear-based individuals characteristically believe in the lack or absence
of these things within them.


Think about it – in most instances when fear has assaulted your mind, riding in the sidecar of that fear is an unspoken thought. Usually that thought exists in one of two ways:

  • “Will I be up to this challenge?” (at best)
  • “I won’t be up to this challenge.” (at worst)

While obviously, the second response is more harmful to our peace of mind, the first is not much better. The pain is just a matter of degree – the former shows doubt about yourself, the latter shows outright unbelief in yourself.


What neither shows is any degree of faith in you.


[su_pullquote]Fear, ultimately, is a misuse of belief.[/su_pullquote]






Whatever the term “growth” encompasses, most certainly it includes this: an increasing belief in yourself and your capacities.

Without a doubt, this increase means that you have the ability to navigate your way through life and its challenges. And great peace of mind dwells in all those who believe this is true of them.


One of the greatest gifts parents can give to their child is a strong belief in just what they are capable of. There is no doubt that the child who was given this gift stage-by-stage through the developing years has been given a great treasure!

However, if you weren’t given this gift, it’s not too late. End each day as you’re drifting off to sleep by saying something like “I was able to take on all the challenges this day brought me, and I am grateful for that.”

Even before you get out of bed the next morning say out loud to yourself “I am confident that I have within me everything I need to take this day on – and I look forward to it.” Remind yourself of this fact throughout the day.


Don’t believe it works? Listen to these words from arguably one of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen:

Repetition of affirmations leads to beliefs, beliefs to convictions …
and that’s when things begin to happen

The late Muhammad Ali said that.

The cure for fear is the daily practice of constantly developing your faith – faith in your ability to problem solve, faith in your strength, your overall abilities, your courage, and most of all – faith in your determination and ability to conquer fear… and then backing that faith with action.


Dr Michael Ruth, Growth Resources, Personal Growth