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experiencing emotional freedom through the power of forgiveness

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On this webinar you'll discover how...

Real forgiveness honors you by recognizing the pain you suffered and what you lost because of another person’s actions.

Real forgiveness empowers you to want to exchange your anger, guilt, and revenge for relief, freedom, grace, and peace.

Real forgiveness heals you from the inside out.

You'll also find out...

  1. How you can actually make the situation worse by saying “I forgive you.”

  2. The reasons you failed when you sincerely tried to forgive.

  3. The key to getting unstuck when you can’t seem to or don’t want to forgive.
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Susan Ruth

Susan Ruth is a Personal Growth Counselor, Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, and co-course creator for GRO. An award-winning educator, she holds a BS in Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling.

I look forward to sharing simple but effective tools you can begin using immediately to experience the emotional freedom and personal power that comes with learning to be a true forgiver!


“You’ve helped me so much. I feel like a different person!”

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