We are delighted to share these free lessons with you. They are actual lessons from three of our most popular courses.

Marriage that Works – 

If a marriage is going to have a chance at all, the two parties have to be able to communicate. And the better they know how to do that the smoother things go. You’ll find this lesson fun and delightfully familiar, while at the same time being super practical and spot on. Essential #5 – Communication.

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Find Your Music … Free Your Magic – 

This free lesson – Art and Artsong – is both inspiring and challenging. In this lesson you will discover how your work can… and should… be considered art, and how understanding artsong can bring joy to your work in particular and your life in general.

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We Might Be Giants: Beginnings – 

This is an introductory course about how your mind works. It explains why you do things you say you don’t want to do and end up sabotaging your best intentions. This free lesson – Personal Belief Structure – is packed full of ‘aha moments’ that you will find both practical and encouraging.

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