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Meet your course creator, Dr. Michael Ruth… and your course instructor, Susan Ruth, M.A.
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Susan Ruth, M.A.,  is Course Creator/Instructor and Member Caretaker for Growth Resources Online. Her specializations include personal achievement, women, parenting, and psychospiritual growth. 

An award-winning educator, Susan holds a BS in Education, a Masters degree in Counseling, and is a certified Life Coach. Also an author, she has ghostwritten four books on topics including personal achievement, biography and business, and spiritual development. 

Susan has been researching and writing about personal growth for more than 20 years, and is thrilled to be doing what she loves – helping people move beyond their problems and challenges and find the richness their life has to offer. She is particularly passionate about helping parents grow emotionally healthy kids, finding success in your business, and discovering your strengths and purpose. 

personal growth, personal development, online courses, online self-help courses, online coaching

Dr. Michael Ruth is Director and Chief Course Creator for Growth Resources Online (GRO). He is the author of three books and 11 courses – the latter of which are available exclusively to GRO Members.

A therapist and counselor now in his 28th year of private practice, Dr. Ruth is Board Certified in counseling, family therapy, life coaching, and NLP. 

 He holds degrees in history, theology, counseling, and religion and society. He received the Chalice Award in recognition of outstanding doctoral research for his dissertation – The Virulent Personality: A Proposal for the Clinical Classification of Pathological Evil as a Psychiatric Disorder.  Dr. Ruth has lectured and consulted with spiritual and social leaders in seven countries.

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