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Christian growth, Christian blog, Christian counseling, Christian coaching, Christian psychology, happiness, goal setting, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression
Christian growth, Christian blog, Christian counseling, Christian coaching, Christian psychology, happiness, goal setting, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression

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Nothing human is foreign to any of us. We’ve all been to feasts and we’ve all been to funerals. Everybody hurts. Everybody struggles. 

But there is a twist to this that might surprise you. 

Over the years our counseling practice has consistently demonstrated that characteristically, Christians suffer more

It’s not that their trials are harder than their nonbelieving friends, or because they are weaker than those friends. Rather, it’s because of their faith.

It’s because they know the Bible speaks to much of what they are struggling with, and in their ongoing struggles they feel they are failing Christ.

Biblical precepts dealing with emotional issues like fear, grief, unforgiveness, anxiety . . . and relational challenges like friendships, marriage, and parenting are generally straightforward. 

Ironically, Christians very often suffer more because of their faith

So naturally, when Scripture says something like “do not be discouraged,” it seems that, with sincere effort, we should just be able to . . . well, not be discouraged.

But all of the good intentions and desire in the world – and all of the effort we can muster – will not enable us to succeed without the requisite insight.

Merely knowing what the precepts are is not the same as being adequately equipped to carry them out. It’s imperative that we know the HOW.

For example, let me speak to a matter . . . a very important matter . . . that I reference above. Let’s talk a minute about forgiveness.

Every believer knows that he or she is called upon to be a forgiver. Does not even that famous passage we know as the Lord’s Prayer say to us “forgive us our sins, even as we also forgive everyone who sins against us“?

And yet frequently a client will say this in session: “I have said to God, and continually remind myself that I have forgiven this person. But I still hurt over it. I’m still angry about it, and I can’t seem to let it go.”

So what happened? Did the client not mean it? Is he or she just being hypocritical?

I don’t think so for one minute. 

The issue here is that the person mistakenly believed that forgiveness is simply an action, as in “I forgive you”. 

They failed to understand that forgiveness is not an action but a process

And in failing to understand this, they had trapped powerful negative emotions within that were continually nagging them. “Why do I still feel this bad if I have forgiven them?” they ask me.

All this was occurring because they misunderstood the true nature of forgiveness. They didn’t know the HOW.

So if your experience is that . . .

. . . then it’s likely you fail to understand the process behind these precepts.

If you are ready to experience the lasting change that comes from uniting faith-based precept with evidence-based process, we invite you to join us as a GRO Member by clicking the button below.

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