Anxiety and How to Conquer It




According to multiple sources, anxiety plagues about 40 million adult Americans, making it one of the most common mental and emotional challenges in our country. Anxiety is a thief… robbing you of sleep, making life miserable, and consuming your thought life. But the good news is that you don’t have to continue suffering with this painful, debilitating problem! Learn how to successfully conquer anxiety in this practical course.

This course includes 12 lessons with exercises in both a 79-page downloadable pdf as well as audio (12 mp3 files)

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

Anxiety Defined

A certain amount of anxiety is a natural consequence of living, but levels of anxiety resulting in emotional pain that hinders living is of a much different sort. This lesson explains what those differences are and why they shouldn’t be ignored.

Anxiety’s Characteristics

The ability to see a situation from different vantage points is the first step in equipping yourself to do something about it. This lesson will help you better understand what you need to know to better define and defeat anxiety.

Developmental Anxiety

Children who grow up in a home that feels unstable, insecure or unsafe naturally experience a general sense of anxiety. It’s also natural that this general feeling of anxiety becomes part of who they are, continuing into adulthood… unless and until there’s some intervention along the way.

Anxiety and Hypervigilance

Living in a constant state of hypervigilance is natural for the animal kingdom but should not be the case for us humans. If left unattended, this kind of stress inevitably leads to serious medical conditions. This lesson explains where this situation comes from and what you can do to alleviate it.

Anxiety and Avoidant Behavior

If left untamed, anxiety will shrink our world further and further down until there’s almost nothing left to live for. This lesson is intended to help you change that.

Anxiety and the Mind, Part 1

Two words, in particular, set the wheels of anxiety in motion. This lesson tells you what those two words are… and what you can do to stop them in their tracks.

Anxiety and the Mind, Part 2

One thing leads to another, as the saying goes. Never has that been more true than what happens when the mind grabs hold of a triggering thought or thought thread and sets off in motion to create a full-blown anxiety episode. This lesson gets to the root of that problem so you can avoid that happening to you.

Conquering Anxiety, Part 1

The mind is the battleground on which your war with anxiety plays out. The mind is where it begins… and that’s where you conquer it. This lesson equips you with the first of four weapons with which you can win that battle.

Conquering Anxiety, Part 2

In this lesson you will learn what anxiety really is, which will put you in the position to call its bluff. Understanding this one, simple thing will move you well down the road to conquering it much easier and more quickly than you likely ever imagined.

Conquering Anxiety, Part 3

Staying with the warfare metaphor… anxiety conquers your land. It moves in and begins claiming more and more of the territory of your life. You have to get it back. This lesson shows you how.

Conquering Anxiety, Part 4

When it comes down to it, what determines whether you conquer your anxiety or not is your willingness to confront it, to go on the attack, and to take charge over it. This lesson gives you specific, practical direction toward that end.

What Anxiety Really Is

This final, insightful lesson looks at anxiety from a completely different angle – a very practical angle that explains in clear, plain language what anxiety really is… and what it is NOT. You will not only be surprised at what you discover here, you’ll also be incredibly empowered to beat anxiety’s control over you!