Enough’s Enough




You are the most important person in your life, the source from which everything else in your life flows. Setting your intention to live out of the fullness of who you are will make an amazing difference in every other aspect of your world.

This course includes 21 lessons with exercises in a 172-page pdf.

Section 1: explains in plain language where our inadequate sense of self comes from

Section 2: outlines the three essential steps to healing your damaged self-image

Section 3: shares the positive truths on which you can build your new, positive paradigm

Lesson 1: Annoying questions you can’t quit asking yourself

This lesson identifies a primary source of self-image anxiety – those self-terrorizing questions that keep you paralyzed and, if left unchecked, will see to it that you never get off first base in regard to a healthy self-image.

Lesson 2: Initial building blocks to your self-image

The source of our self-image issues are rooted in our developmental years… long before we were ever aware there was such a thing as self-image. So, the first step to healing an inadequate sense of self is to understand how it happened in the first place. This lesson will help you do just that.

Lesson 3: What was my takeaway?

Those annoying questions from Lesson 1 that get triggered in certain situations play havoc with your self-image, causing a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Today’s lesson explores a very different set of questions – the answers to which, in large part, determined how you felt about yourself as a child and what you still believe is true about you now.

Lesson 4: The power of a story, especially when it’s true

Stories help us put legs on an abstract concept so we can see it more clearly. This lesson shares a story that will help you understand these basic concepts a lot easier.

Lesson 5: Is it just me?

You know how you hate feeling self-conscious… ashamed… intimidated?

Everybody suffers from some version of that same malady. It’s just that by the time we grow up we filter what we let others see. While you’re feeling bad about you – and trying to act like you’re not – the person or persons you’re engaging with is/are doing exactly the same thing!

Lesson 6: Where is your fan?

This lesson explains what a hand-held fan and your personality have in common. It also shares why this correlation is so significant.

Lesson 7: What are you thinking?

This lesson revisits the three significant questions covered in Lesson 3 and shows how, in reality, there is only one question we truly want answered.

Lesson 8: Even if it feels true

By default, we trust our feelings – that is to say, our emotions. But this can do us more harm than good in the long run. Not only that, understanding this concept is key to transformation.

Lesson 9: The pain is not the problem

Whether it’s physical or emotional – pain is not ever the problem. Pain is the signal that there IS a problem. This lesson tells us what this has to do with our self-image and what we can do about it.

Lesson 10: Where does it hurt?

Once you identify the indicators of a poor self-image, you can better figure out where it’s coming from, which is an essential step to wholeness and healing.

Lesson 11: What’s true… and what’s not

Once you complete lesson 10, it’s time to move to step 2 of this 3-step prescription for relief. You’ll get all the details in this lesson.

Lesson 12: Now for step 3

Up to now we’ve been feeling a lot. Feelings are key indicators of what’s going on with us, so we need them.

But once feelings have served their purpose, we move from feeling to thinking and strategizing and planning how to fix the problem. We do that by using our good mind. That’s what this lesson shows you how to do.

Lesson 13: This simple trick ups your likelihood of success 42 percent

This lesson shows how to use one simple tool to increase your chance of a self-image transformation by 42 percent!

Lesson 14: Another simple tool for change

Achieving significant changes in life hardly ever involve the ability to think as a genius, understand deep mysteries, or perform incredible physical feats. Rather, it’s a matter of doing a few simple things consistently. This lesson explores one of those simple – and yet very powerful – things.

Lesson 15: Changing your mind

The process of replacing your old, harmful self-image paradigm with your new, healthy self-image paradigm takes time and intention. But the more you actively and intentionally work to make this shift, the less time it will take!

Lesson 16: Certain statements that really matter

These crucial statements – and why they are essential to your transformation – are discussed in this lesson.

Lesson 17: Essential cornerstone #1

A diamond is much more valuable than a piece of limestone, if for no other reason than diamonds are much more rare. However, an even greater truth exists for you. Discover the first cornerstone you need to anchor your new paradigm to in this lesson.

Lesson 18: Essential cornerstone #2

This lesson completes this sentence: “I don’t think it’s possible to ________________ and yet have a good self-image.” Discover the second cornerstone you need to anchor your new paradigm to here.

Lesson 19: Essential cornerstone #3

Very often we come away from childhood with the damaging assumption that we are missing this essential element in our life. Dr. Ruth shows how that’s not the case, and how you can successfully overcome this hurtful childhood belief.

In today’s exercise you’ll also discover from Susan’s story how one facet of this essential element can only be provided by you.

And with that you’ll have the third cornerstone you need to anchor your new paradigm to.

Lesson 20: Essential cornerstone #4

You may have never realized all the resources that lie dormant inside you – simply because most of them have been long hidden in the dark recesses of your rejected self!

How fun to discover that you have a treasure trove of wealth that is yours alone to possess. Permit yourself to explore this wealth of tools and gifts you now have at your disposal… and be amazed!!

Lesson 21: Now what?

If you followed our 21-day self-image revolution blueprint, you should have processed through a shift from the old paradigm to the new. This lesson reviews the tools you now have at your disposal to keep growing into the full and wonderful, unique and gifted individual that you were born to be!