Find Your Music… Free Your Magic




The most often expressed regret of the dying is that they lived life in the safe zone, never playing their own music, never fulfilling the purpose they were here to fill. Don’t let that be your experience! Are you frustrated with yourself because you keep sitting on the sidelines, silencing the genius that’s within you? Life is a precious commodity, but in order to squeeze the most out of it you have to summon the courage to step up to the challenge to be authentic and allow the beauty of who you are and the unique gifts that are within you to shine through. And for those who do… magic happens!

This course includes 8 lessons in a 92-page pdf.

Find Your Music

The Reality

It’s not so much about how many hours a week we spend at work… but what that actually translates to – in reality – and whether or not we like what it says. You’ll see what I mean in this lesson.

Abraham, Enlighten Me

You’ll understand what Abraham and pyramids have to do with you and me and our career choices as soon as you delve into this lesson.

Are You in Tune with Your Music?

Who doesn’t like music? No matter your preference in genre, music is inspiring, energizing, soothing…

And the music you’re about to discover in this lesson will be just as inspiring, energizing, soothing… once you realize its significance. It’s there… whether you hear it or not. Whether you know it or not.

… Free Your Magic

Free Your Magic

This lesson explores and elaborates on your music – that unique cocktail of gifts of personality and skill within you which, when unleashed, will bring you the most satisfaction and fulfillment, lead you to your greatest possible success, and enable you to have the greatest impact on your world.

Art and Artsong

We do things to make a living… but we live to do the things we love. And we have the opportunity to connect what we do for a living with what we love. It’s amazing what can happen when passion, purpose, and profession unite! This lesson will both warm your heart and help clarify your path to living… doing what you love! 

Okay, But

Rarely does a grand opportunity present itself without some sort of “but…” attached. The terms “risk” and “reward” aren’t typically associated with each other for no reason. Just like with Caleb in the Old Testament – God gave him his mountain. But he still had to go claim it… and we can expect no less. But the taking of it is so worth it!

Brass Tacks

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this tried, tested, and true statement. This lesson helps you further clear the path to living your music.

Common Obstacles

In this most insightful and quite practical final lesson you’ll learn about five common obstacles to finding your music and thereby freeing your magic. Any one of them can wreck your dreams. But every single obstacle can be overcome – provided you have the determination and the knowledge to do so.

This lesson provides you with the know-how. The determination has to come from you.