Forsaking Fear




Fear is a dark foe. If allowed to take root, it will rob you of so much life. Fear of failure, fear of risk, fear of disappointing others, fear of opinions… of ill health, of lack, of death… of LIFE!  When you discover what’s really behind your fear as explained from this unique perspective, you will learn what you need to overcome the fears you face in your life.

This course includes 7 lessons with exercises in both a 48-page pdf and audio (7 mp3 files)

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in this-changing guide…

What Exactly is Fear?

In this lesson you’ll learn something really intriguing about fear… and how understanding this is the first step in overcoming it.

Fear is a Belief… in Lack

I would venture to say you’ve never seen fear from this angle… and often how you see a thing makes all the difference in it’s power over you.

Fear as Lack – of the Unnecessary

How ironic that we can fear running out of something we’re actually better off without! Find out what that common, but irrational, fear is in this lesson.

Fear and C Sickness

In today’s lesson Dr. Mike elaborates on the dis-ease of fear and it’s consequential symptoms.

Fear and Behavior

Though fear affects our behavior in numerous ways, this lesson highlights two of the more debilitating ways fear impacts our world… leading us to better see how critical a matter fear is and to motivate us to address it head-on with the tools provided in the next lesson.

Fear’s Antidote

How do we conquer irrational fear? This lesson shares the solution to the problem.

The Tactics of Fear and How to Combat Them

Fear wants to knock you down and make you miserable. It wants to harass you, likely on a daily basis. In this lesson you’ll discover eight different ways in which fear will try to beat you. You’ll also learn how to successfully combat those tactics so you can ultimately win the battle with fear.