Heal Your Shadow… Heal Your Self




How is it that we can grow older year by year… while continuing to move in a circle and never getting any further down the road toward personal strength and peace, happiness, and spiritual wholeness? You may be surprised at the answer, which is explained in thoughtful and considerate detail in this insightful, enlightening course.

This course includes 6 lessons in a single 82-page downloadable pdf.

The Spiritual Foundation

We begin each new year… each new birthday… intending to feel more “together.” We determine that this year will be different. This is the year we are going to become a better person – the person we know we’re capable of being. And still it doesn’t happen. In this short course you’re going to discover how you can finally break free of this endless cycle of going nowhere and move into a place where you experience life with much more satisfaction, joy, contentment and inner peace than you ever thought possible. Because the secret to those treasures is revealed in the process of moving out of the shadow and into the light… out of brokenness and into wholeness… and your journey there begins here in this first lesson.

The Psychological Insight

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung remains perhaps the most influential person in psychology today. One of his greatest contributions to the field includes his studies in individuation – a “self-realization” process toward becoming all that we were created to be… all that is our right and responsibility to be.

This insightful lesson elaborates on the importance of – and the experience of – the shadow in terms we can understand and appreciate.

What is Shadow?

The shadow is as part and parcel to human nature as oxygen is to breathing. And yet it is as limiting… and ultimately as destructive… as it is common. The dual nature of personality is carefully explained in this lesson, an understanding that is preliminary to the healing process.

Shadow Explored

We are all familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But what you may not know is that Jekyll and Hyde is basically a study of the shadow.

This lesson explains why that is so… and also offers an additional real-life case study to demonstrate the same principles found in Jekyll and Hyde…

Encountering Your Shadow, Pt 1

The walk of life, like any other journey, has a point of departure and a destination. It is a walk out of and away from something and a walk into and toward something.

In other words, a journey out of the shadow and into the light.

The first leg of that journey is found in this lesson.

Encountering Your Shadow, Pt 2

Unless and until you engage your shadow, you are pretty much spending life just rearranging or replacing the furniture in your “living room” (one of Dr. Mike’s favorite names for the ego).

This lesson moves you through the second leg of this essential process, carefully and caringly guiding you step-by-step. You will find this guide an invaluable asset for your journey toward healing and wholeness.