Marriage that Works




Getting married is a natural progression in life for most of us. So, by default, we assume that having a successful marriage should also come naturally. But the fact that half of all marriages in America end in divorce proves that it’s not near so automatic. Not surprising – because getting married without first learning some vital skills would be somewhat like deciding on a whim that you wanted to skydive without any prior training… assuming there can’t be that much to it. Skydiving without proper training would most likely end in disaster, and it’s not a stretch to expect that marriage without any training in its prerequisite skill set could just as likely end in failure.

So whether you’re already married, about to be married, once married and now divorced, or someone who dreams one day of being married… … and you want to do all you can to ensure your success at it… … then this course is for you! Marriage need not be complicated. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say it should come relatively easy… as long as you manage a few areas well. I’ve often said it can be the closest thing to heaven on earth – or hell on earth – depending on how successful you are at it. If your marriage could use some help – or you simply want to learn how to succeed before you jump – then come along and we’ll show you how!

This course includes 11 lessons with exercises in a 136-page pdf.


Whatever else marriage is – and it is a good many things – it is also an acquired skill. And like any other skill it has its own requisite skillset.  But instead of admitting we don’t have a clue about how to be a husband or a wife, we try to show that we’re ready for marriage by convincing ourselves and others that we know how to do it… simply because growing up and getting married is what you do.  If this sounds familiar, you are about to benefit in a big way from this course!

Essential 1 – Commitment

We don’t typically work to get better at something unless we are seriously committed to it. And unless you intentionally work at being a better husband or wife, the fact that you’re married doesn’t automatically make you better at it. Not only that, commitment to your marriage is not the same thing as commitment to your spouse. You’ll learn the difference between the two and why the one is so much more than the other in this lesson.

Essential 2 – Covenant

A wedding is not just a ceremony. It is serious business in that it represents a sacred covenant between a man and a woman before God. This lesson explains in careful detail why the marriage covenant is so significant.

Essential 3 – Companionship

Liking your fiancé or spouse is not an optional component of a successful relationship. And just because you love someone doesn’t mean you also like them. This lesson explores the significance and meaning of companionship in marriage.

Essential 4 – Compassion

Want a more intimate relationship with your spouse? A relationship where emotional healing can take place? Look no further than the virtue of compassion.

Essential 5 – Communication

Ah… the bane of relationships! Whole books have been written on the subject of communicating effectively with the one you love. For that reason, I think you’ll really appreciate this simple, no-nonsense hands-on guide to effective communication that’s been right under your nose all your life!

Essential 6 – Choreography

Marriage is a dance. But to be healthy, it has to be the right kind of dance. This lesson explains why both club dancing and the waltz are all the wrong dance moves for a great marriage… as well as which particular dance move is perfect!

Essential 7 – Conflict Resolution

It’s inevitable. When two people are together long enough, there will be conflict. (And if there isn’t, you should be worried!) But when one party loses and the other wins, you actually both lose. This lesson reveals how to move through conflict to resolution without destroying your relationship in the process.

Essential 8 – Creativity

Interested in what causes most affairs… and how you can all but affair-proof your marriage? You’ll discover the often overlooked, yet essential secret in this lesson.

Essential 9 – Crisis Navigation

It’s not a question as to whether you will have to navigate through a crisis while married or not. It’s a question of what that crisis will be… and when it will happen. And you get to decide whether it will tear your relationship apart or make it stronger than ever, as long as you know how.

Essential 10 – Celebration

It takes time to experience the celebration stage of marriage, so many people never know what it’s like because they terminate the relationship before they ever have time to get there. Not only that… for those who do stay together, they often miss out on the celebration phase of their marriage because they omit the other nine essential factors.