The Power of Encounter




Simple encounters… the kind that transpire multiple times each day for every one of us… can be transformed into significant experiences with just a little awareness and intention on our part. This Short Course will help you see more of those opportunities where you can make a real and positive difference in the lives of others. You’ll discover another real advantage here that you can benefit from by the time you finish this short course.

This GRO Short Course includes 3 lessons in both a 20-page pdf and audio (3 mp3 files).

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

Part 1:

The power of an encounter to do good… to make an lasting impression… to change a life… cannot be underestimated. Part 1 in this Short Course helps remind us of the difference we can all make just by being more aware and more intentional.

Part 2:

In the course of life we run into situations where someone says something – with no intent or malice – that hits us the wrong way. What’s more, quite often that person isn’t even aware it happened. They don’t remember it… but we have a hard time forgetting it.

You don’t have to carry that around. You can forget it. Or, if not, you can certainly get over it. You can take its power away. This lesson shows you how.

Part 3:

Building on the previous section, this lesson walks you through a very useful, practical, and effective exercise that will help you truly let go of those persistent hurts that refuse to go easily.