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Holiday Plans with Family Stressing You Out??

If your family holiday get-togethers…

  • resemble a fuse just waiting to be lit,
  • usually involve anger and arguing, or
  • often result in at least one person getting their feelings hurt,

… then
this is for you!

Maybe it’s all you can do to put up with a certain in-law or that annoying niece or nephew. 

Maybe it’s your rich aunt that gets under your skin instead… or just the ongoing jealousy between the family “favorite” and the “black sheep” that you can’t tolerate.

Whatever your reasons, if thoughts of the family’s holiday dinner ruin your day, then it’s time you give yourself a break!

SOS for the Holidays offers immediate relief from the anxiety and dread you feel every time you think about your family holiday plans.

This one-of-a-kind 38-page guide unpacks six practical, powerfully effective tools you can put to use right now – even before the holidays – to stop the unnecessary suffering.

Our clients can vouch for the fact that once you start using these strategies (that are quite easy to implement), you’ll be amazed at just how simple it is to experience the holidays with far less stress and frustration.

Imagine this year actually looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of wishing it were January already!

And who knows… the time you spend with family this holiday season may just end up being some of the best times you ever remember!

(You get to choose your price!)

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