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Dr. Michael Ruth is Board Certified in counseling, family therapy, life coaching, and NLP. He is author of three books and chief course creator for GRO.

Susan Ruth, an award-winning educator,  holds a BS in Education, a Masters degree in Counseling, and is a certified Life Coach as well as co-course creator for GRO.

Personal Growth, Growth Resources Online, Susan Ruth, Life Coach

He holds degrees in history, theology, counseling, and religion and society. He received the Chalice Award in recognition of outstanding doctoral research for his dissertation – The Virulent Personality: A Proposal for the Clinical Classification of Pathological Evil as a Psychiatric Disorder

A therapist, counselor and life coach now in his 28th year of private practice, Dr. Ruth is Board Certified in counseling, family therapy, life coaching, and NLP. 

Also an author, she has ghostwritten four books on topics including personal achievement, biography and business, and spiritual development. 

Susan is particularly passionate about helping parents grow emotionally healthy kids, finding career success, women’s issues, and discovering your strengths and purpose.

Together, we opened Growth Resources Counseling Center in 1990. 

And now, with a nod to the future, we’ve added a new component we’re really excited about – an online presence that offers you the same care and attention our in-office clients receive. We call it –

Growth Resources Online, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Dr Michael Ruth, Susan Ruth

For the last 28 years Growth Resources has been helping people move beyond their self-sabotaging beliefs to discover their sweet spot in life, which is the intent and purpose of everything you’ll find at GRO as well.

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There’s an Americanism we’ve probably all used – coming from. You know, as in “I didn’t know where you were coming from, for a minute there.” You’ll hear it used in trivial conversations and you’ll here it used regarding important matters… and you’ll hear it everywhere in between.

We’re going to employ it here in the second way mentioned above – an important matter. Because, we want you to know where we’re coming from on this site.

At the very center of life for us is our Christian faith and walk. This is where we are rooted and grounded…it is our orientation in and to life.

In our late twenties we developed an increasing interest in psychology. For us, this was never a competition for our faith…and by no means a replacement for it.

Rather, we have always seen psychology as an adjunct to our faith and life. Indeed, our motivation for getting advanced degrees in counseling was that we might be better equipped for our chief aim in life – helping individuals and families overcome the challenges hindering them from experiencing their desired best.

Our orientation is psychospiritual in nature – for we humans are both mind and spirit. This is why, in our Courses, GROth Spurts, and other materials you will typically see both Biblical and psychological principles and insights employed.

Again, we believe it is quite important to share this with you… because it’s important to us that you know where we’re coming from.

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